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RAMtoTEC during the last EMO exhibition in Hannover has reached an agreement with a new partner, world leader for accuracy and performances.

The target is to represent the products and services of this manufacturer in the Italian country as exclusive partner with the function of its external branch.

We are talking about the German manufacturer BURKHARDT & WEBER specialized in machining centres and FMS.
RAMtoTEC grants to all Italian customers a professional technical interface both during the negotiation stage and the installation phase, as well as all after sales support.

RAMtoTEC, thanks to its long experience developed in the centre and north of Europe and to its strategical position in the nearby of Augsburg, has become a very good connection for many companies requiring technical support in these markets. RAMtoTEC supports the manufacturers with technical meetings during the negotiation and can create a customized and dedicated company support with phone lines, e-mail, offices and personnel. This development has led RAMtoTEC to be present also in the Italian country and to offer the same services to the foreign manufacturers who believed in the same project, among which BURKHARDT & WEBER.

BURKHARDT & WEBER is leader in the manufacturing of machining centres, high accuracy machines and FMS.



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December 2, 2017

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